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He stated that he chose a bank wire over Moneybookers because he overheard JazzSports claiming casjno they were waiting on funds to hit their Moneybookers account. JazzSports chose not to keep enough funds on hand to honor withdrawals.

According to their logo, JazzSports has been online since They started off well enough, earning a B rating from the casnio watchdog sites back in sport They remained in good standing for a couple of years until adn were dropped to a C in and D in There is very little about them after September, They are sporf with other books such as ABC Islands and Looselines, both of which have poor ratings. Though jazzsports looks the part, they are just another group of crooks out to steal player money.

JazzSports just pulled your standard betting scams — slow and no pays. There are several examples of them doing this, even over the short period of time SBR reported complaintsabout them. Starting in June,a couple of players complained about Jazz being late in paying them. At this time their rating was lowered. By this time Jazz apparently discontinued their live chat service, too.

Nothing was mentioned about why, but if I had to guess it was to avoid players reaching out to them, wondering where their money was. He stated that he chose a bank wire over Moneybookers because he overheard JazzSports claiming that they were waiting on funds to hit their Moneybookers account.

Now fast forward about 9 months. During this chat he followed up on the status of his withdrawal. The customer jazz casino and sport book rep told him that due casinp vendor issues, no money could be withdrawn until the start of football season in September Another player reported not receiving a payout for more than 6 months.

To be told that the sportsbook has no more funds until players started to deposit again at the start of football season? If there was a sign to never deposit at that sportsbook again, that was it. JazzSports chose not to keep enough funds on casino to honor withdrawals. They funneled player deposits to the higher ups. Meltdown casino game lost more than 40 employees over the course of a year, as a result.

Jaxz may have also had to do with the fact that JazzSports frequently changed business names to avoid paying out the mandatory social insurance, too. Just take jzaz look at low vig book 5Dimes. It could even be the ugliest site on the interwebs. Instead of looking at fancy banners and websites, do your own research. Then follow up with your friends and peers before whipping out your credit sporr.

A little bit of jazz up front will save you a lot book stress and headache down the line. Casino on net software still operate a sportsbook, casino, live betting and casino, jszz racebook.

Something tells me that their fans must not be aware of the book that JazzSports is. There are several sites operating under their parent company umbrella though, including Looselines and ABC Islands. All of these sites are poorly rated and we strongly recommend steering well clear of them.

I want to take a couple of minutes now to show you sporg you should avoid dasino in They also claim to be the most trusted name in gaming.

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